The College Experience: Student Success

From orientation to graduation, St. Petersburg College puts students first. From the time students walk through our doors, whether physical or virtual, we give them the tools to earn the degree or certificate that will change their lives.

Since 2012, the college has focused on preparing students to succeed in their courses and finish what they start. We have found our efforts are paying off, as SPC students, particularly minority males, have improved their academic performance and are returning from one semester to the next to complete their degree.

Five key areas that make up the College Experience: Student Success:

How the College Experience evolved…

After reviewing best practices, SPC began implementing the College Experience in Fall 2012 through a strategic initiative communication plan for the projects entitled the 5/180 Plan. One goal of the 5/180 Plan was to ensure every staff member received the necessary training to best support the student success initiatives via a multi-tier training program entitled The College Experience Institute.

“Every staff member has a role and will receive training in how best to support student success,” said SPC President Dr. Bill Law. “These five initiatives on behalf of students are so important that they will require the best efforts of every employee.”

Law recently wrote about The College Experience for the Community College Journal, a publication of the American Association of Community Colleges.  Read the article.

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